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    Importing rollover button


      Hi can someone help me import a rollover button from flash?  I keep trying, but the second image does not show up when I try to insert the image button.  I tried saving both files, but I still end up getting one.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I'll have to leave it to someone else to guide you on bringing the button in from Flash.


          My reason for posting is to ask the following question. I've seen a few posts recently where folks are bringing buttons in from Flash. This makes me wonder why. What about the buttons Captivate provides doesn't work for you that you feel you must use Flash to create the buttons?


          It makes me wonder if folks aren't discovering that Captivate supports image buttons that have three different images used and they provide the image switch effect. Mouse over and a second image is swapped in. Click and you momentarily see a third image. I could see where someone might not look too deeply and think all Captivate supplies are the plain vanilla text buttons. They give up at that point and head to Flash.


          Cheers... Rick



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            likewhoa321 Level 1

            Im looking for plain text buttons that change color when you rollover them.  Captivates buttons are really limited.  Do you know any other methods? I tried using fireworks and illustrator, but I cant get the 2 images to connect in captivate.

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              As Rick points out (indeed not well known, took me a while to discover) the image buttons: text can be an image too, you need a simple image editor (you mentioned FW), create the three 'text' images with wanted colors, and ready...



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                Captivate 4 expects three separate images for a custom image button -- [button]_up.png, [button]_over.png, and [button]_down.png.


                Ensure that all three images are in the same folder, and named correctly [w/ the above _up, _over, and _down endings].


                When you click the Change [...] button in Captivate's Add Button dialog box [after selecting Image button type], find and double-click the _up.png file.  Captivate automatically includes the other two states.


                Although I haven't tried it myself, you can probably export PNG images out of your Flash button symbol's up, over, and down state-frames.


                Good luck!

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                  I'm also trying and am having no luck.  I have named the files DEECDButton_up, DEECDButton_down, DEECDButton_over, they are in the same folder and have tried uploading the up file. Are there any other steps?  I've tried for both bmp & png files.


                  Please help!

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                    tlei Level 1



                    I'm not sure why it's not working for you.  I've done this many times in many Captivate 4 projects with no problems.


                    Maybe you could send me the 3 .png files so I could test them at my end?



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                      FutureLaura Level 1

                      Hi tlei,


                      Here are the test buttons I've been trying to enter.  If you could test would be much appreciated.



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                        FutureLaura Level 1

                        I just found out what my problem was - the size of my graphic was too big.  I made them 50% smaller and they now work.



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                          tlei Level 1

                          Glad it now works for you!


                          Thanks for posting the cause of your issue too!  I wouldn't have learnt that Captivate has a size limit for button image imports otherwise.