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    Sequence Settings




      If Im trying to export a video to 320x240 (.FLV), does it matter what the sequence settings are in terms of size/resolution?  I've tried cropping the output so that it gives me a 320x240, but it apperas to distort the quality of the image and especially my titles.



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          You will want your Sequence setting to match your source footage 100%. Edit, as is required.


          Now, to get your output (basically "quarter screen"), just use that setting in AME. The "cropping" will take place automatically.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps.



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            Sorry, but my alter-ego, WAHunt3 showed up.


            Here is a look at AME in PrPro 2.0. Your screens will look a bit different, but you should be able to interpolate to CS4 and the new AME:




            Hope that this helps,