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    Transparency - AI to Flash to PE7


      I'm making a credit sequence for a  Web video. I've posted a  five-second clip here that makes pretty clear what I'm hoping to do. The static television  opener looks fine, and the bouncy text bounces fine but is encased by  black rectangles. I know that they're a result of transparency (the  yellow glow around the lettering is set to Screen), but I don't know  what's possible or how much I have to redo.


      Here's the  workflow that went into this so far:


      The red text (and  yellow glow) was drawn in AICS4 and saved as a document with one  artboard and three layers;


      that document was imported  into FlashCS4, made into a symbol, and used in three motion tweens (down  fast, up fast, settle slow) with a transparent background, and exported  as .swf.


      That .swf was imported into PE7.


      (The  cascading polka-dot background behind the bouncing text is a separate  .swf playing on its own layer in PE7.)




      So,  what do you suggest? Do I have to lose the yellow glow - or set it to  'Normal" in AI? If I have to save a new AI document, can I alter the  Flash symbol so that I don't have to redraw the tweens? (I'm not very  adept, and it probably took me half an hour.)


      Posting  in AI, Flash and PE7 forums, because I don't know where I should be  making the changes. Thanks in advance for any advice.