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    Need help with audio on button ASAP THANKS!




      Using CS3 I added via properties audio to the "over" part of a gold button.  The audio I added is 4Mb in size which I had imported to the library.  When I selected "over" on the button and then using properties assigned the audio file .... the wave form appeared ... but not under "over" but over, down and hit.  Thus when I publish what is happening is the page loads fine ... the audio begins to play on roll over as wanted ...


      HERES THE GLITCH:  if you accidently roll over again a new audio begins to play out of sync with the first one ... basically you get the row, row row your boat effect where each roll over audio is delayed.


      MY FAILED SOLUTION:  I tried to move the audio file and assign it via properties under hit. Thus have to have someone click on the sound.  Yet the same outcome happend where the wave form appeared not just under hit but it showed on over, down and hit. The same thing happened when I tried assigning to "down".




      Is this caused by the sound file being too big?  I tried a small audio beed and it would assign directly under the part I assigned but not with the bigger 4MB audio file.


      If it is the size of the sound file, can I link the button to an external audio file. If so, what code would I use if I am using Action Script 2.0. I am very new at action script.


      If it is not the size, could some one please tell me how to fix this glitch.  I would be satisfied with the button working on either over or hit.  If you wish to see what the button is doing, you can see it online at www.signaturehill.com.



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          I'm not a super-pro, but I ran into that problem as well.  My solution was to put a "stop all sounds" action at the beginning of each button rollover, so that before playing the new audio, it will stop whatever else was playing before.  See if that works.



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            Hi Erika,


            That might just be what I need ... but I am confused as to where do put the action code.  Can you help me with the following questions:


            1. Did you put it inside the button via actionscript or did you select the button just and ad it there ...  or somewhere else? Since I have several buttons doing the same thing on different pages, I am not sure where to put it.


            2. What was the exact code you used  ie  on (release)  {....   StopAllSounds(); }  .... did you even use "release" or some other mouse event.



            Please include the action script code I might try since I am very new to scripting. THANK YOU>

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              Does anyone know how to use the StopAllSounds script and where you would put it on the page as asked above?


              Does anyone else have any other suggestions to not have the audio get the row, row, row your boat effect as described above?