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    Adobe Acrobat/Reader not working


      Adobe Reader 9 is not working.  When I try to open something, I get the following message each time - "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader.  Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again."  Every time I try again, I get the same message.  Can anyone help??

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have Acrobat and Reader installed on the same computer? What version of Reader? What OS?

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            Sorry "Craw123" that I don't have a answer but the same thing is happening to me.  I have Adobe 9.3 downloaded.  I am using Windows XP Home on a PC.  I uninstalled everything that was related to Adobe/Acrobat and then went to the website and reinstalled 9.3 and the DLM but still nothing.  I can read my stored files but cannot read or download any PDF files from the internet websites.  This just happened last evening.  I am hoping that someone has an answer and a fix.  I have Acrobat.com and Adobe Flash Player 10 installed as well.

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              Kodie30 Level 1

              "Craw123"  I uninstalled the Flashplayer so all I have left is Acrobat.com and Adobe Reader 9.3.  I went to the website and "right Clicked" on the PDF I wished to view, then clicked "open" and everything worked just fine.  I saved the file to my computer.  I also printed a page of the file while I was viewing it.  I don't know if this helps but that is what works for me.  Best of Luck.

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                I get the same message after I've opened several .pdf documents (around 8 or so).  I run CcCleaner and clear all the temp files and it'll work again for the next 8 or so documents.  I'm running Windows 7 Premium with Adobe Reader 9.3.0.  It's a fairly new computer so it doesn't have a lot of software other than junk HP installs.  I have installed Office 2007.  Any help would be appreciated.

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                  I am having this problem with a slew of users as well.  I have followed all of the steps in Adobe KB article 405461 and while one solution in this resolve the problem (using reader as a helper program instead of opening PDF files directly within the browser) with the error message it caused problems with other web applications that we use.  Has anyone else figured out how to get Adobe reader to work within IE?  I have to think there was something included in the last batch of Windows Updates because it was working fine prior to that.



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                    JfGrdn24 Level 1

                    I removed Adobe reader through the Windows add and remove programs panel.  I also removed an adobe program I didn't recogonize - Adobe AIR.  I cleaned up the system and registry files with CcCleaner (freeware) and restarted my computer. Then, I reinstalled Adobe Reader 9 from the Adobe website - it updated shortly after to 9.3.1 - I haven't had a problem since (got my fingers crossed).  Side note: Adobe AIR was reloaded with Adobe Reader 9.