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    Air File Is Damaged Error

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I keep getting the same "The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. etc..." message every time I attempt to test the install of an air file I've just made from an application in flex. I've tried exporting other applications for release build and they work fine but it just seems this particular one won't work so I know it's not a flex problem. I've tried starting a whole new project and creating a new app and copying and pasting all of the code from the app I need into this new app and exporting that for release build from there but again I get the same error.


      Is there any way of finding out what is causing this error and is there a fix for this?

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          tzeng Adobe Employee

          Do you have any

          special chars in the file names, dir inside your AIR file?

          You can unzip the AIR file, and list all the files inside the AIR files to find out.


          This problem should not have anything to do with your coding.

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            jimmyoneshot Level 1

            Thanks for your answer Tzeng. I have an old application called boolvisi and an air file called boolvisi.air which I know was compiled from the boolvisi app as I would have left the names the same like this. However I just compiled another air file from the boolvisi application and called it coolvisi and this gets the error when I try to install it. I've copied and pasted both the boolvis.air and coolvisi.air files and made them zip files to check out their contents. The strange thing is the boolvisi one is much smaller in size (by almost 10 meg) and only has a few images inside it whereas the coolvisi one contains tonnes of images. If an app is over 30meg and contains a lot of uneeded images will this cause it to be too nig or something?

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              tzeng Adobe Employee

              30meg is not a problem. Extra files are also not a problme.


              What namespaces do you have in the app.xml file? If you use 1.5.3, you might have a problem to install if the older version has been installed.


              You can create an install log by creating an .airappinstall.log file in your home directory. After installation, you can look at the log file.

              It is very helpful to find out what is wrong with log file. Post the log file here would be helpful for others to figure out the problem.



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                jimmyoneshot Level 1

                Cheers I'll try that and post it up here soon.

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                  jimmyoneshot Level 1

                  Ok I'm on vista so I've made a copy of the app that's not working and pasted it in my main user directory which is Computer/C/Gaz


                  I then went into command prompt and type.airappinstall.log and pressed enter. I think I've done that the right way. What that produced was the following log:-


                  Starting app install of file:///C:/Users/Gaz/Documents/Flex%20Builder%203/Coolvision%20Interface%20-%20Final%20Ver sion/NonWorkingCoolvisi.air
                  UI SWF load is complete
                  UI initialized
                  Unpackaging to C:\Users\Gaz\AppData\Local\Temp\flaEE42.tmp
                  failed while unpackaging: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="invalid package signature" errorID=5022]
                  starting cleanup of temporary files
                  application installer exiting


                  Can anyone shed any light on what this means and how I could fix it? Thanks for any suggestions.

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                    tzeng Adobe Employee

                    The error message means

                    there is an error in the code signing check process.

                    It could be the signing certificate is not valid. But since you can sign other good AIR files with the certificate, then this should not be the problem.

                    The other reason could be the AIR file is somehow not valid, such as corrupted. Consider you just package the AIR file, this should not be the problem.

                    Another cause could be you have special chars like " &" in your file name.

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                      jimmyoneshot Level 1

                      I've actually just managed to fix this problem. What it seemed to be was an image filename. The problem was the other day I was having out of memory errors when trying to run this particular app so decided to take all of the pngs (50+ of them) which I'd embedded in the app and convert them into jpgs to save space. The problem was when I changed the embedded images from pngs to jpgs in my application code I left all of the original png images in the images folder with the new jpegs which previously would not have been "read" by the installer hence they were all embedded so the only thing that would have been read was the application swf name in which they are embedded itself which was fine.


                      An image in this images folder was named m&s_small.png. I've renamed this image as mands_small.png and now it compiles fine. The reason I never noticed these images was as I said there were no errors previously but I presume this was because of them previously being embedded and I also presume that means that images that are embedded can be named anything including names containing "&" as they won't be read upon installation, essentially being contained within the swf file.




                      Thanks for all your help Tzeng my friend.

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                        tzeng Adobe Employee

                        Good to see the problem gets fixed.