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    Adobe MAX 2008

    macnimation2 Level 1
      Not sure where to put the thread, but as again Director is being completely ignored this year at MAX I'm choosing this forum to comment.

      At MAX last year in Barcelona it was to say the least, interesting (Hopefully the food will be better in Italy and the coffee and tea are not removed after 10 am).

      If you were familiar with Total Trainings Video trainings on Adobe products then thats what you mostly got. Hopefully the "Advanced" courses will not be actually "Advanced beginner" and the American Razzmattazz will be toned down for us plain Europeans.

      Anywhoo, My issue is the total lack of dedication to Elearning. Again, Adobe Connect (Breeze) and Director are completely left out. Flash will be well represented, but there will be no courses/workshops on Elearning creation, using Video for Course content, tracking with SCORM/ AICC to Connect or other LMS systems using Flash. Using Flex for Elearning course creation will be ignored etc.

      Elearning creation is a huge part of my job, where I am completely responsible for the development, creation, design and implementation of Elearning for EMEA in our company. A small part of our company uses Breeze, which is basically converting Powerpoints to be viewed online and we are considering moving away from it.

      A lot of people will attend to meet their peers and discuss projects, see what others are doing and learn new techniques.

      I would love to be able to discuss online course creation, see what others are doing, best practice, how to use Adobe products to entertain and also teach students, or if they are just using prepackaged options to get stuff online quickly etc....

      Am I wrong?
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          Brian Stew Level 2
          Wow - this post could have been written by myself! LOL
          Add to this that there was no real option for networking; posting for jobs or international cooperation or meeting with for instance other e-learnig developers. Nothing as simple as a board for posting notes on! Of course: there were 'virtual' options, like a nice world map where you could click around and read short bios about folks. Tedious though. And the 'lounge' indeed, but success with meeting relevant people there was sheer luck. Several of the people I walked up to just randomly, actually was into e-learning in some way, and also discussions I heard from a distance was about that topic. This should absolutely have been reflected in the conference in some way.

          If you want some info in e-learning in Norway, you can send a mail to myxstew@yahoo.com
          I'll reply from my proper corporate e-mail. We have designed our own LMS which actually(!!!) is SCORM compliant and of course can run AICC content, and we're now working with better integration with Flash, i.e. Flash templates editable in our own LMS (which has an integrated text/picture editor). Shockwave is used where appropriate. Feel free to contact me.
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            macnimation2 Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in responding but I was away on Vacation for a sort while and I was banned from having anything to do computers while i was away.....I discovered I have two kids!!!!

            I put together an LMS a few years ago, and suddenly the company were interested this "Strange" ability to actually track people..... They wanted so much so quickly, I stripped some pieces from moodle and built a working Frankenstein which works fine.

            My main focus is content, good..relevent content, not just content to be put up on the LMS as decoration. As a previous Senior Engineer with the company I also knew what the users needed.

            I sue whatever i need to provide a successful training module. I have set up a studio in an abandoned room, whereI have several HD Pro cameras with greenscreens. bluescreens, autocues, lighting etc if the need arised to shoot live footage to be integrated.

            I'm trying to convince people that repackaging Powerpoint presentations does not make them any more interesting. or viewable. I have just set up a live streaming section that can track live video training for Engineers where they can ask questions etc, and when it is over we can track the data. This has become more popular with our remote locations.

            If I see another application that can "Flashify" Powerpoints I'll scream......If you cannot get peoples attention when in a live presentation, you are not going to have their attention when it is online. I try to create more interactive and relevent trainings. My Animation background comes in handy there.

            I'm just annoyed Adobe sells products with the Elearning tag, but nothing to support it.

            If you go into the Director 11 Help files and search for SCORM, AICC or Elearning, nothing comes back......

            I remember in Barcelona last year someone saying that "content was king?" mmmmm
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              Brian Stew Level 2
              Interestingly, what you describe about your activities does not relate to what we do in our company at all, but still we're in the same business! "E-learning" is such a vast area. Most of what I heard mentioned in the halls in Barcelona was training for children (i.e. language training, maths...). We do training for adults in the service sector. Among adults you have those with (a lot of) formal education and those without, to put it sqarely, and these require very different training. We focus strongly on engaging content that stimulates reflection. Engaging content just for the sake of it is out - we call it 'the Las Vegas effect' when ther's nothing underneath. Video is often a key ingredient. "Content is king" for sure, but what do they really mean, at Adobe? With Adobe products you can certainly make a lot of BEAUTIFUL content, but how do you give it some meaning, i.e. how do you put actual content into that "content"? Actually I think this is a crisis somehow among 'creatives' these days... It's not just to make a picture, it must (very often) connect to something, and in a professional organisation that is a bit of a challenge. Adobe haven't helped much. I am pretty sure that the main reason why Premiere never has got a hold among corporate video editors is its traditional lack of good media handling; i.e. logging, sorting, versioning. Although things have improved, AVID is still much better. This is what Adobe is trying to rectify with Bridge and Version Cue, I believe. This is a different focus than content developers usually have: "what is it good FOR", instead of the traditional challange of "how good can I make it". the former approach is a more humanist and story telling approach, while the latter is a more technical one. As Adobe products gets easier and easier(???), it will be possible to shift focus to the usefulness of what you make. I'm not sure Adobe is concious about this. There is still no good general tool for pipeline work that could be used in e-learning, that handles user request in one end, leargning goals and solutions in the middle, and user tracking and reporting at the end. Thankfully, or perhaps our buisness wouldn't be around ;-)
              This post was not very Director specific. Story is that our grand application today could have been written in Director (90% of it), but since I am the only developer, and Director unfortunately is kind of 'closed world', it was not a realistic option. Damn good XML support would have helped though, but it isn't there. Everyone I've met here in Norway that uses Director use it for some kind of e-learning. It's truly bizarre then that there's so little material from Adobe about it, both technically (how to make it SCORM compliant for instance) and conceptually.
              Adobe lilkes to boast "content is king", but the critical factor here is between your ears and not in the (brand of) software you use. Also I presume Adobe tries to hardlink "content" with (multi)media, as in "the more pictures / video / animation you have, the more CONTENT you have" - but is this really true? For instance some research have shown that within groups with high education (doctors etc.) there is a strong dislike towards animation in general, except when it's very task specific. This audience prefers well laid out text, plainly. Talk about content!

              (This is a long discussion, but I gotta go)

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                macnimation2 Level 1
                Well put.

                I agree about the type of content that is used. Video and animation has its uses... a bit like nudity in a movie...works if it is relevant to the story but can ruin it if uses purely for visual affect.

                Most the most successful courses I created for engineers are the text based one. But again, when instructional lessons were required then recorded video is successful. So much so that we stream HD video now to show high quality clips of electronics. But not always required.

                It's amazing that we have spent a fortune on Adobe CS3 suites like Web Premium and Production Premium yet when it comes to developing for Elearning I rely on Camtasia Studio, FlashForm and a few free programs.

                I don't understand Adobe who openly advertise Director as an elearning development tool yet they have nothing to back that up.

                Director is far superior to Flash in power and usability, its just a pity it is not marketed properly.

                Did you realize that Microsoft use Director to Create the Halo interfaces, then the gaming engineers can reverse engineer based on it.

                Our software development department also use it for testing UI functionality before moving on to development.