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    Context-Sensitive help in RH6


      In my last post about Context Sensitive help in RH6 I had question and concern that since our application is written in C# .NET, we use Web Help and if we want to implement CSH, how it is going to be done since in RH6 CSH API supports Visual c/c++, Visual Basic, and Java?

      Peter’s response was that it does not matter what language the code is written in, there’s a way to create CSH.


      After reading Peter’s comments and info on his site I had been thinking that most likely developers will use Web pages with Java script for the WebHelp API (out of Web pages with JavaScript, C++, Visual Basic and Java applications) until recently I found some information given in RH HTML - Help file about “Calling context-sensitive Help from C# .NET”. Now I am confused because if there is a way to do in C# .NET then obviously our developers will like to use the same language to call CSH.


      However, it is still a question for me that if there is any reliable way to call CSH from C# .NET? Everywhere other than RH HTML – Help, it is mentioned to use Java Script. I would appreciate if you can recommend what to use for the WebHelp by your experience and what will work? If one has preference over the other.


      Thanks in advance,