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    Corrupt pdf files cannot open


      I have a scanner that will scan documents into PDF format.

      I use this method for keeping my paper storage to a minimum by keeping physical copies of only the most important documents (i.e tax returns).  I scan documents into my laptop and then destroy the originals.  I have Adobe 9 for reading them once they are scanned in.

      My problem is recently my laptop has apparently been selective in what it will and will not open.  Some files open fine with no problems.  Others, scanned with the same scanner into the same format at the same time, will not open.

      The message I get says


      Acrobat could not open 'file name.pdf' because it is either not a supported file or because the file has been corrupted.


      The files were not sent to me via email.  I created them from my scanner or my using the pdf program as a printer (printing Word docs or web pages into pdf instead of onto paper).  When the documents were first scanned, they opened fine.  Now they do not.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


      I am very frustrated because I need these documents and they cannot be replaced.