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    Weird Audio bleed problem on PCs only beginning at new year.


      Here is my test page showing the issue:


      At the new year, suddenly my animated children's books (built with one book page per scene mostly, all of which wait for the child to click the "next" button to turn the page) suddenly on windows PCs, each page would stop visually as usual, but continue to play the following page's audio (just one next page).  The audio definitely is not hidden on that scene, it's the NEXT scene's audio.  Can't understand why that would happen.


      I did a work-around fix by adding a "stop all sounds" action in addition to the "stop" at the end of each scene, but it can cause weird little issues. On this test page I made you'll see the earlier versions of the ebooks at the top of the page which worked fine before the new year and now show the issue that began at the new year (only on a windows machine). You have to go to past the cover page to see the problem (you can use the little lightning bolt arrow to avoid waiting through the whole intro).  My fixed versions are below.


      I just thought it was an odd little glitch that people might want to be aware of... I AM using Action Script 2.0... These are very simple little animations to match the child-like illustration style.... I do like Jean's painty illustrations to animate with.  Even though it can't resize, I think it's worth it.  (Jean Marzollo is the author/illustrator, and if you have little kids, they'll love all the free stuff on her site http://www.jeanmarzollo.com)


      Does anyone know why this could have happened?  Is it a windows operating system change (it happens to the movies whether they are served through IE or Firefox)?  Is anybody else experiencing any weird things with previously working movies that suddenly developed glitches after the new year?




      Erika Wood