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    Path to a file with a Mac



      I create a application for PC with Air which works fine. It load external pdf files.

      I need to create it for mac too, but i have a problem with path on mac.

      here is a exemple of trace done on mac :

      (String) =/Applications/Urgo/URGO Book.app/Contents/Resources/data/files/URGO/01 - DONNÉES MARCHÉ/01 - Argumentaire Urgo.pdf


      Has you can see there are french characters and space in the path.

      But it's works on PC so is it the real problem?



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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          What exactly is the problem are you experiencing, and what code seems to be the issue?

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            tof69 Level 1

            Hello Greg,


            here is the function for launching a pdf im my application :


            public static function creationPdf(fichier:File ):void
                        var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(fichier.url);
                        //MonsterDebugger.trace ( "Affichepdf_creationpdf", "request :" + fichier.nativePath);        //trace on the previous message
                        _pdfExist = true;       


            To be compatible with a mac the path MUST have no french character an NO space...

            How can I do to get same result as the PC.

            As you can see I use the property "url" I try with nativePath too.



            I try wi the AIR 2.0 framework and it's the same thing....