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    Can I delete Reader 9.1.3


      I already have Reader 9,3,0 installed on my WindowsXP but notice that 9.1.3 does not seem to have been uninstalled and is still taking up 141 MB of space. Cab I uninstall it without effecting 9.3.0 and if so how?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No. It should have been uninstalled. Is the Reader program installed or are you viewing an Reader 9.1.3 installation program. If so, you can delete the installation program without issue.

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            cderekfrancis Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            When I open Adobe Reader it is shown as the 9.3.0 version. However having checked in my Control Panel / Add & Remove Programmes I notice 9.1.3 has two entries - the main programme (138 MB) and also what is listed as "9.1.3 CPSID_49522" which is apparently a critical update which cannot be uninstalled.


            I am now even more puzzled! Any suggestions?

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              cderekfrancis Level 1

              Dear Michael


              Since my last mail to you I discover that in my ADD/REMOVE programme Adobe Reader 9.1.3 (138MB) and its subsidiary 9.1.3-CPSID are not removable because a message comes up that they are "Patch Packages" which cannot be opened and refer me back to Adobe. If I cannot remove them with ADD/REMOVE how can I safely get rid of them?