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    FLASH IN MAC- File transfer

    Donnie Tuttle

      okay, I'm a newbie... trying to put flash video onto website.  when i publish the files, and click on the .html, it works fine.  When I relocate the files into another folder (ie, on the server or even the desktop), the .html stops working.  Is there something within the code that makes it LOCATION SPECIFIC between the flv, swf, and swf players? 


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          waterdad568 Level 3

          Into another folder is probably the issue. If the html and the swf are in

          the same folder, then they should work, if you seperate the swf to another folder then your call path int he html needs to reflect that for example:


          Simple sites with just an index.html and a .swf, put together into root folder on server and would be called in the html with something like "yourfile.swf". But If you have a more complicated site and maybe have a files structure with subfolders, then your index.html must go into the root folder as default, but if you have multiple swfs or images you may have a folder called swf or images etc, so the path from the index.html must reflect that in the above case the object/embed code in the html would need to "swffolder/youfile.swf"


          Check your path calls.

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            Donnie Tuttle Level 1

            Thanks.  your answer is helpful.

            Yes, I'm definitely looking to go simple here. Going index.html, and putting this as a frame on my actual website.

            html,flv, and swf are in the same folder.  it looks like this: businessrockstar/test/flash/index.html

            Shouldn't I be able to see the flash video if i just ender the address where I stored it?


            I can't pull this up, once stored on the server, or any other folder for that matter.  The html "preview" works, but only if it is in the original place I saved it.  I'm not sure where to find the code .


            what do you think?

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              Donnie Tuttle Level 1

              I got it figured out.  I guess it makes it easier for the file to identify if you import the movie from the server it's hosted on rather than just from a desktop area.