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    Fonts from Photoshop to Premier not clean


      I'm attempting to make an simple slide show in Premier Pro CS4 with slides that were created layered in Photoshop CS4 Extended.  the slideshow will be dispalyed on a computer screen in a kiosk at a large sales convention.


      My workflow is:

      1. export the graphic from Photoshop in an image format
      2. import into Premier
      3. place each graphic on the timeline.
      4. export as a movie


      My problem is that while the graphics look great, the text looks horrible - smeared, pixelated, blurred.


      The font used by the graphic designer in Photoshop is ITC Franklin Gothic Book, and in other places,  ITC Franklin Gothic Demi


      I've tried exporting from Photoshop to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and they all look horrid.
      I've tried using other fonts, with no different outcome.
      I've tried different Premier templates

      I've tried different output formats (AVI, MOV, WMV, H.264, etc.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems like it should be simple, but not so much

      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Why not use PowerPoint for that?


          What sequence settings do you use and how do you export?

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You may need to experiment to find a good font for video


            From (leaky) memory, use a SANS SERIF font

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              pdblizzard58 Level 1

              You know, we tried putting the graphics into Powerpoint and with the transitions we wanted to use, (a simple dissolve) I thought it looked just awful. Maybe it's just my coporate computer that's over a year old. I didn't even pay any attention to the look of the fonts, now that you mention it. I looked at it and said, "Oh man, I can do a much better job in Premier or After Effects" me and my big mouth   I'm not a Powerpoint person, but I'm willing to go off and give it another try.


              Sequence settings: I've tried several, but I started with matching the size of the graphic,

              frame size 805 x 602,

              PAR: Square 1.0

              Fields, No fields

              30 FPS

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Increasing your sequence dimensions and frame size to say 1400x1050 or even 1600x1200 will go a long way to improving the looks.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Some of this will depend on your exact delivery scheme. How will you transport the files to the user's computer, DVD-Video, DVD-Data, BD, streaming, other?


                  Next, the font selection is very important. As John points out, for video, a sans-serif with good weight is the best choice. This is video and not print, unfortunately. This ARTICLE will give you some tips. There was an even better one, but that link is now dead. I only wish that I had copied everything over, and still had access to it.


                  Also, going back to the "beginning," if you are going to a high-rez computer for display, you would probably be better to do an HD Project (delivery can be an issue, however), and then use images that are sized to that.


                  Speaking of "sizes," I assume that you are sizing your PS images to match the Frame Size of your Project. Right? If not, you WILL loose quality, by letting PrPro resize the images. I'd work with the exact image size (pixel x pixel) and the correct PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) of the Project.


                  Good luck, and let us know about the delivery scheme.



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                    shooternz Level 6

                    You seem to talk of "graphics" and "text" ( and both looking awful) so I am wondering what specifically do you mean.


                    I get and use graphic text from Photoshop on a regular basis and these look perfect in HD Broadcast (and everything else) and I also use graphic text direct from PPRO Titler without any issues.


                    A Text-Graphic  to me can be :


                    > A  simple type face / font from my client designers computer that they wish me to use as a "super"  over a video scene /frame.  This usually happens when I do not have that typeface / font  in my Windows systems. (My clients use MAC largely)




                    > It can be a custom built designer  type with complex enhancements ( shadows/fills/shapes / paths etc...).  Effectively this is a graphic in my jargon.


                    We interchange both of these as PSD files ( usually layered so I have control of all the elements).  I work them around from these. eg flattening etc..

                    They are produced slightly larger than needed in my Sequence and always in RGB (not CMYK)


                    and ...


                    > I also use graphic text direct from PPRO Titler without any issues


                    Straight TEXT to me is basic body copy and maybe small.


                    Wish I could advise more on your issue ...but maybe some of this is helpful.


                    Were / why  does the 805  x 602 come into your equation?  Are you using a Custom Sequnce  Setting  for this project?