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    Ad Blocker Keywords

    akribie Level 2

      I'm troubleshooting an established site that has bits missing on some systems due to intervention of ad-blocking security software.  I've tracked this to using folders or filenames with the name Banner, which seems to be picked up by some ad-blockers which then suppress that content.


      Has anyone else come across this sort of problem?  If so, what words other than Banner should one avoid to forestall this happening again?


      Yes, I know you could use gobbledygook names, but it is much more easy to maintain sites that use meaningful names for things.


      Or am I on the wrong track altogether here?

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          >Or am I on the wrong track altogether here?


          I don't think you're on the wrong track. Stupid as it may seem, "banner" is definitely a favorite of ad blockers. I'm sure there are others, but that's the main one I try to avoid.

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