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    Initiate Workspace with form and attachment - get handle to attachment

    Mark Lindberg Level 2

      Greetings All:

      I am missing a puzzle piece here.

      I need to begin a process in workbench with a user filling a form, and adding an attachment.


      The user will fill in a PDF form, and using the attachment tab, attach a file to the form/task.

      I have the PDF set up as an "Input" xfaForm variable.


      The process launches the form, user can fill in, attach file and submit.


      The problem I am having is that I cannot get a handle to the Attachment in the process until the form is passed to the next user via an Assign Task.

      It is my desire to extract data from the attachment, and reformat that attachment prior to the next user interaction.


      Can anyone assist me in obtaining a handle to the attachment?


      Thank You