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    Multiple consecutive FLVs

    Pop_Clingwrap Level 1
      I have been asked to look in to a video based flash interface. The basic idea is that four figures walk on to the stage and then settle in to loops until the user clicks one. The selected figure then steps forward and delivers a short speech to camera while the other figures step back out of the frame.
      The figures will all be against a plane white background and has been suggested that we could shoot this as four separate clips to make the looping part easier (we will have fairly limited time with each subject and they will not be actors).

      My question is this:
      Is it possible to load four individual FLVs, make them start playing at the same time and then play through together?

      My gut feeling is that there are gonna be syncing issues due to variable download speeds and bandwidths and other unknowns but I have little experience of using video this way and would appreciate any comments or advice on the subject.

      Cheers everyone