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    Save location, zoom, and window layout for next session

    n8turepix Level 1

      When I'm editing, I often want to open a file in exactly the same place I left off, including the zoom level, part of the image being viewed, window sizes, etc.  The practical application of this is in removing defects from a large image with the healing brush, which requires examining every part of an image at 200% zoom.  This can take hours to complete, and I need to stop periodically and pick up exactly where I left off.


      It would be a big help if PS could save all relevant features of the screen display when an image is closed, and then when opened again restore the display to exactly the same state.


      I already do a workaround to this by setting guides in the file at the location where I stopped and sometimes saving an annotation at that spot.  But making it automatic would be much more convenient.