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    callback for xml-rpc module using Actionscript2.0




      I am integrating a flash module with Drupal using XMLRPC module. I am currently calling a node.save on Drupal(which creates a page in drupal), using Actionscript 2.0.
      On a flash button click, I am currently calling the node.save function. But ideally, I would like the function to be called first and only after the success of node.save, forward to the confirmation url.
      Right now, I am being forwarded to the page even without node.save being completed. I then have to refresh the page in order to see the results.


      function send(_title:String, _body:String, _name:String, _uid:Number)
      var node:Object    = new Object();
      node["type"]   = "submission";
      node["title"]   = _title;
      node["body"]    = _body;
      node["name"]     = _name;
      node["uid"]  = _uid;

      node["body"] = "....";



      Any help appreciated.