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    Checking links TO a specific file, please tell me this is finally available...


      OK, it's been a few years since I originally asked this question. I think it was back when I was using DW 4, or maybe 3. I'm sure there's an answer by now since we're up to version CS4, which I guess is DW 10, right? (I'm still using DW 8 because I haven't considered the new features that useful.) I did use the search but I don't see any solutions. I will be SHOCKED if this is still not a feature. I refuse to upgrade again until this feature is there as a matter of principle.


      Before I delete any document (I usually delete 5-10 each day), I check to see if any pages are linked to it. The best (fastest) way I've found is to just hit delete on the file and see if a warning message pops up from the site cache listing some pages that link to it. If so, then I use the find command to find all the pages with that filename in the source code. If no warning pops up, it's safe to remove it. I've always considered this a lame way to find out if any other pages link to a file. Even more lame (lamer?) is having to navigate through a gigantic site map or having to use the find command that rips through every single file on the site. So, can someone please tell me if I can finally right-click the file and choose something like "pages that link to this file." The data is right there in the cache, and if it can show it in the warning message, why not have a command for it?


      Thanks in advance! I'm optimistic...