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    Two things which should revert to "normal"


      Here's some reiteration of my post under "Photoshop Mac."


      I have various workstations running Mac OS 10.5.8 three run PS CS3, and one runs CS4.


      In CS4 files always open on the monitor I have allocated for my palattes.  Before CS4, Photoshop would open files on the monitor that my last filed was opened on.  This is highly annoying!!! Please bring this back in CS5!


      (Note: My menu bar is on the monitor I've designated for my palettes menu and not the monitor I do all my color work on.)


      Also, any hopes that we will be able to have a preview button for adjustment layers again?  If I'm able to do so when adjusting directly onto a layer, why don't I at least have the option to have a preview button when having an adjustment layer????  And sure, I understand I can go back in my history, but it seems unnecessary to create a whole new history state for each little adjustment you make.. then need to look at your history palette and make sure you're selecting the correct state.