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    Scrollbar issue

    SteveH59 Level 1

      In MX 2004 I have created a message field (input text) about 2" by 4" in size with an instance name of message_txt. It is important that I keep this instance name, as it relates to the ASP script I have.

      I am trying to reduce my file size by eliminating the 60 movie clips I have related to the scrollbar, so I have removed this heavy old scrollbar and replaced it by the one in the Components panel.

      I thought this might not work and after uploading it I think I know why it didn't: in my own scrollbar the parameters give me Target TextField into which I inserted message_txt, that is, the instance name of the
      message box.

      However, using the new scrollbar from Components I do not see Target TextField, but _targetInstanceName.

      I inserted message_txt here in the hope that it might work but, as I say after uploading it, it didn't.

      What is the best way to resolve this?


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          For me, the best way was delete the component and put in my own. ;-) Seriously, the component caused other problems in my file, as well.
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            SteveH59 Level 1
            Hello meishak

            Many thanks for your reply.

            How would I go about creating my own?


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              Bob Pierce Level 1
              I took the same route as meishak and created my own. I didn't get any problems with the standard component but it has the serious limitation that it only scrolls a library symbol. You can't target an on-stage mc or a dynamically created one, so the mc has to exist before you start. I've managed to make an effective replacement, and used the UIcomponent assets so it looks the same. It's not in a state that I could offer to others but my approach was straightforward. I create a mask the size of the scroll area and apply it to the target mc and create controls to scroll the mc. It works a treat and allows me to generate the mc from an XML file and then apply my vScrollMask - one of my more sucessful AS adventures!
              See dealer list and As seen in.. here
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                SteveH59 Level 1
                Hello Bob

                That seems to be quite involed for what I want.

                I have a form (which is a movie clip) and this includes an area for the user to input type. I can highlight this input message box within the movie clip and it has an instance name. All I was looking for was a scroll bar that I could 'tie' this message box to.


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                  Bob Pierce Level 1
                  If you use the TextArea component for the input message box, with wordWrap set to true, it will automatically give you a scroll bar.
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                    SteveH59 Level 1
                    Hello Bob

                    Many thanks for your message.

                    I didn't know that useful tool existed.

                    I have tried it and it almost works. I can type inside it and when it is full the scrollbar appears. Great. There are two small problems: one is that I don't seem to be able to edit the font colour - it appears in a kind of sea-green - and other is that when I tab through the form fields the border of the TextArea component appears in a kind of light green.

                    Are these colours set in the component itself, as I don't seem to be able to edit them.

                    Apart from those minor points, what a very useful post!

                    Many thanks.

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                      This link may give you what you want:-

                      Adobe Help

                      i.e. The following should give you black text:- (here's a basic chart you can use as a guide to changing the hex colour values)
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                        SteveH59 Level 1
                        Thanks very much, Gaz.

                        I'll try it and post back.