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    S.O.S!  Dreamweaver screwing up Photoshop slices when I try to add rollovers! X_X


      Okay so lemme just say I'm fresh outta art school, so I know nothing about coding.  That is probably a bad thing right?  Anyways, I designed my website in Photoshop CS3...no problems there.  Layout looks good, it saved for web nicely, and I preview it in Firefox and everything is peachy.  My slices (normal, and rollover states) are all saved to my images folder which is inside my index folder so I think I'm good there.


      When I open my index.html in Dreamweaver CS4 and begin to insert rollover images (I try to make my thumbnails light up when I move my mouse over them) a duplicate of my normal image appears inside a white box, and on top of that my layout is broken up by these mysterious white boxes.  I don't need a copy of what I'm trying to make light up, I just want my existing thumbnails/slicing to have rollover effects.  I'm pretty sure I'm entering the right info into the box that pops up in Dreamweaver when its aking for the original image and rollover image.  The funny thing is the extra copy that it produces works whenever I sample it in Firefox, it just defaces my layout!!  Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!


      I appreciate any feedback...thank you in advance!  I wish I was more left brained