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    sort of off topic, but same old question looking for a new answer


      Ok I'm ready to start a new site. I'm going cheap as it's all coming out of my pocket including hosting. I want to put a video chat room on my site. Is there anyway to capture a webcam in this fashion in director. I've done tons of searching but I can't really find anything. I'm trying to avoid using the flash communication server for three reasons. 1) I already have the director multiuser server that will host up to 1000 users (the room will never be anything close to that big 50 peeps tops) and my web host will support it and install it for me. 2) I can't find anything at a really cheap price. I'm looking at 25 cam users at once... 3) Actionscript is nothing I've every really worked with before, but I could do the lingo programming.


      I have a few questions First of all I read something about putting a flash element on the stage, and that the flash player is what captures the webcam. But I assume that it still needs flash communication sever to upload the video. Is this correct?


      Is there an xtra that will do what I  want?


      I read something about encoding the video to realvideo, but I have no clue how as I've never done anything like that before. Will this work and do you know of a tutorial for this?


      Do you know of a really really cheap flash comm host?


      Really off topic but, I could write the text chat end of it in cold fusion. Is there a known way to easily add the video in this way?


      Does anyone know of a cheap off the shelf video chat room that I can put up on my site and just pay for the bandwidth overage that it uses?


      Thanks for any help any of you could give me.