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    Help with MovieClips


      I'm fairly new to Flash, but have used Flash MX and have just started using Flash CS4


      I'm sure this is probably just a setting of some sort when I create new movie clips in CS4 - but it's quite frustrating.


      Last year, in Flash MX4, I created movieclips in many of my fla. files.

      When I copied the movieclip from one .fla library to another - only the movieclip was copied in as part of the library items.  None of the single graphics from within the fla. were copied into the second fla.library.  I assumed was is correct, as the resulting new fla. worked as I wanted.  The same happens when I try to copy in an old movieclip created in Flash MX into a new CS4 .fla.  Only the movieclip is placed into the library.  So again, I assume this is correct.


      My problem is after I create a new movieclip in CS4, and then  to use it in another CS4 .fla, the movie clip and all of the graphic files used to create the movieclip are copied into the second .fla  as part of the library items - which, I assume is what I don't want.


      Is there a setting I am missing when creating a movieclip? I really don't want the graphics of the movieclip as additional items in my new library.



      Thanks, in advance for any suggestions.