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    Create new File Templates?

    Mariush T.



      I would like to create PureMVC Proxy, Mediator, Command templates.


      Is it possible to create new file templates or just edit existing ones provided by Adobe?


      Mariush T.


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          File templates can only be edited in Flash Builder 4.




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            Sedat Akkus Adobe Employee

            Hi Marius,


            You can edit the existing ones in Flash Builder (Preferences->Flash Builder->File Templates). However, you cannot add any new templates. If you would like to work with multiple templates for one file type, you might want to take a look at the import/export file templates feature in the same preference page even though it will not be the best solution for this problem.


            -Sedat Akkus

            Computer Scientist at Flash Builder

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              Mariush T. Level 1

              Thank you for your help but i would like to create new file templates. I have been using my custom made PureMVC code generator(Adobe AIR application) and i thought it would be nice to do it directly in Flash Builder.


              Mariush T.


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                David_F57 Level 5

                HI Mariush,


                A Project template editor has been discussed a few times in these forums and in other areas. What you are asking for will not be offered with the first release of flashbuilder 4. For the future sub releases etc the best way to help promote this sort of feature is to enter an enhancement request with Adobe and then get people to vote for it which helps Adobe prioritise enhancement requests.


                this is the enhancement request for project templates(it is deferred for the current FB release, I think becuase there wouldn't be enough time to fit it in to the release schedule)




                You should vote for it and anyone else who would like this feature added should do the same. The more votes the more notice it will recieve from the powers to be.