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    array targeting problem

      Hello all,
      im hopeing that some nice guru could help me out with an array targeting problem please :)
      im using flash mx.

      i have dynamically named layer objects

      eg: _level0.o.DYNAMICNAMEA.nn

      where nn is an array within it.

      from other dynamic named layerobjects with the same path but a different dynamic name
      eg: _level0.o.dynameB

      i want to add to the original array a value from within where i want to add from

      , so from within _level0.o.dynameB, i want to add to the array _level0.o.DYNAMICNAMEA.nn the variable _level0.o.dynameB.variable

      but cant seem to find the correct way to target the array
      ive tried al sorts of ways but nothing seems to work
      i hope that makes sense and that someone may help me
      many thanks in advance
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          absolute paths (like all those that start with _level0) always work from anywhere. so, if they don't work you can conclude your absolute path is incorrect.

          to determine the correct absolute path, you can always use the following code to copy the correct path from the output panel: