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    Files from template not copy img background property

    Eliminateur Level 1

      i have a simple(single) template with two bars(vertical and horizontal, each one has a specific png backgorund image set in .twoColHybLtHdr #header and #sidebar ) and a editable region in the middle of the page, so far i've built the entire site based on that template with no problems.


      today i'm doing some work, edited the templates links, updated all the pages, but when i try to generate a new file from template i encounter a completely black background, checking the css style shows that the background-image property ain't there anymore(if i try to add it it says that it's in a locked portion of the file thus the chnge will be discarded).


      i've tried downloading an old model and the resulting files are the same


      i'm attaching the model and a resulting page


      you can also see them online at: http://www.espiralcalipso.com.ar/error.html

      and a good one: http://www.espiralcalipso.com.ar/editorial.html


      any ideas are greatly appreciated.


      DW is CS4 10.0 b4117


      PD: i've noticed that this is EXACTLY my same problem: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2456171

      but only posted is a workaround.

      i've checked my site definition and the root folder is pointed to the file system root, the url is the correct one and it's relative to document