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    What is the best way to allow one to send an email? Confused.

    salderette Level 1



      I researched on the forum for the ability to have someone click a button and be able to have a blank email pop up.  I use to use this all the time.


      However my question is since Outlook Express (and for that matter now Windows mail) are no longer included in the new operatings systems ... meaning everyone has to buy a mail program ... what is the best way to have someone send an email?  I am particularly not fond of forms and would rather have them be able to have an email pop up.


      However now you will miss a lot of people ... I use Windows mail thus the Outlook express code gives me an error.




      Is there general code (and if so what is it?) that allows a person to click a button and send an email no matter what type email program they have?


      If not is there an other way to accomplish this?



      If not, if I must use a form/action script 2.0 ... does anyone have a sure-fire 2.0 script that is easy to use/debug/modify?