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    Flex, papervision3d, kmz

    Don Kerr Level 3

      This is FYI only


      The latest version of Google Sketchup 7.1 is not compatible with latest papervision3d.  A kmz created using sketchup 7.1 does not render properly in Flex when you use kmz parser to load the kmz file.


      Currently, the solution is to downgrade to 7.0

      http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/sketchup/thread?tid=1b0f9b56fa6e9f68&hl=en&fid=1b0f9 b56fa6e9f6800047f75831ca3f2


      So far, I haven't found out if 7.1 is being fixed or if the papervision folks are fixing it on their end.  But, it is a major issue that cost me many hours trying to figure out why.


      Hope this helps anyone trying to load 3D models into Flex for Google 3D Maps overlays.


      Don Kerr