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    Blu-ray burning

    SciFi 7

      Hello everyone,


      I previously had trouble burning directly to DVD, so I now write the project to file and use Ashampo burning studio to later burn the project to DVD.

      Right now I am encoding to a 8.5GB project to a file for later burning to a Dual layer DVD. But I want more....


      I just installed my new blu-ray burner (not in Adobe's very small supported list) and I was planning on writing the project to file and then burning later with Ashampo. BUT there is no option to write a blu-ray project to file.


      Given that I received an error when trying to burn to DVD I think it is highly likely that my blu-ray direct disk burn will also produce an error caused by software incompatibility. Given that blu-ray disks cost me Au$10 each and I oly have 4, I cannot afford trial and error on this.


      Has anyone had success writing blu-ray disks where DVD's have failed? Anything I can do to improve the chances of the burn succeeding? I don't particularly want to work through the 20 DVD troubleshooting items again.





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          nealeh Level 5

          Virtual CD can create virtual burners - this should get over PRE's failure to include a burn to folder option for blu-ray.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Let's step back a bit. What were the exact words in the error message, that PrE gave you with the DVD burn to disc. The words can be very important and can likely point to the reason for the error.


            Neale has a good suggestion for Burn to Folder for BD. I have not used it, but others say that it works fine for them.


            Next, I'd pick up some BD RE discs (rewriteables) and use those to test your Projects. You can use them over and over. Do NOT use the rewriteables for delivery - only for testing. I'd do the same for DVD testing. Now, rewriteable DL's are harder to find, but they do exist. I have a 5-pack of DVD+RW's, that has lasted for over 100 Projects and are still going strong - about 2 years later. Some probably have been used 20x.


            Good luck, and please report, especially that error message.



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              Hello Bill,


              In a previous thread I noted I could never write directly to a DVD since I would get the non-descript error "Device Error-the target device is not suitable for use".


              This could not be resolved despite going through the 20 troubleshooting items and trying Verbatim disks.


              So I now write to folder, but alas that cannot be done for Blu-ray. Thus the workarounds of using a virtual disk or a re-writable blu-ray will have to suffice.


              Breaking news: My write to folder (8.5GB) did not work either. Same error as above. "Device Error-the target device is not suitable for use". I will create a new post regarding no being able to write to a folder.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                If you are getting that error on Burn to Folder, a likely culprit would be a full HDD. Besides the resulting VIDEO_TS folder and the included files, there are several large working files needed. How much free space do you have on the HDD, to which you are writing that folder?


                Good luck,



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                  I have 4 hard drives of varying speeds and free disk space.

                  Disk space varies between 120GB and 12GB. Admittedly the 12GB is low. I am moving files around and defragmenting now. I am also using my blu-ray to backup files and free up HDD space.


                  Given that I have been able to write 4.5GB folders but not 8.5GB folders, I think that a lack of free disk space is a highly likely suspect as you suggest.

                  Another clue that lack of disk space is the problem is that the "burning to folder" phase stops almost immediately at 1%. If only Adobe would report a more useful error message....Like "Hello Justin. Adobe is terribly sorry to bother you, but dear chap you simply must free up some space on your H drive."...rather than "Device Error -the target device isn't suitable for use". Suitable in what way??


                  So which disks should have the most space? Program disk, scratch disk, source disk or destination disk? I have been watching the folders as the process of burning to folder progresses. All the action seems to occur in the project folder with more and more folders and files being added. I assume I should put the project on the 120GB drive? Are there other intermediate files that are failing to show up due to lack of disk space? Does the destination disk need more disk space than the ~8.5GB final file/folder?



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    If only Adobe would report a more useful error message....Like "Hello Justin. Adobe is terribly sorry to bother you, but dear chap you simply must free up some space on your H drive."...rather than "Device Error -the target device isn't suitable for use". Suitable in what way??


                    I agree completely. Unfortunately, the program and the OS often do not communicate well. In this case, there is another aspect at work. The "authoring" end of PrE (and Adobe Encore), is based on the Sonic Authorcore, purchased under license from Sonic. Sonic builds its programs in modules, and this adds another layer of "confusion" in the error message aspect. You see some of those modules in other error messages, where you'll see, say Vobulator (the Sonic module that constructs the VOB's). These modules do not communicate well with each other, let alone the host program (PrE in this case), nor the OS. PrE gets a message back, saying "hey sport, something didn't work." PrE scratches its head, and then just guesses, "Oh, OK, must be that something is not ready." If ONLY all programs would interface 100% with the OS and then the OS would yield a useful, informative error message, that the program could then process and determine where in its process, things were failing - then tell the user where/how to fix things. That would be sweet!


                    Remember, even the HAL-9000 did not tell Dave what was really wrong...


                    Good luck,




                    PS - HDD performance really goes down, when the drive is filled beyond about 75%.

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                      SciFi 7 Level 1

                      I would like to report a couple of things I have discovered when burning projects to DVD in PRe8.


                      As Bill had suggested the hard drive free space has been the culprit for me everytime that I get the following error message when trying to burn to folder:

                      "Device Error: the target device isn't suitable for use"


                      I have three HDD's. The source, project and destination files are on separate HDD's. I have received this error for 3 different projects now and the act of changing the destination and scratch disk to the ones with more space has resolved the error EVERY TIME. I also note that my 8.5GB folder burn failed with the same error and cutting the project into two pieces to fit on two 4.7GB disks worked a treat. I note that the hard drive space on my drives was ~12GB, 61GB and 40GB. Sure it was more than 8.5GB, but obviously it was not enough!!


                      I notice that some people report that "encoding media" often hangs at 96%. I would like to say that for ALL projects I have authored that the 96% mark stays on the screen for ~25% of the time it took to get to that point. Let it go overnight and I wreckon you will wake up pleased.


                      Given I believe I am onto some important fixes/solutions here and they apply to DVD buring and not just Blu-ray burning, I will create a separate post covering these fixes/hypothesis.


                      Thank you to the experts for helping me solve this.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        And Justin, thanks for sharing those observations, as they will affect so many users!