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    Help creating an effect


      Hey everybody,

      I am wondering if anybody here could help me with an effect I am trying to achieve?

      Basically, I am creating a video as part of a university presentation, and I am trying to create an effect that shows quotes being scribbled over and then erased, and replaced by another quote. I got told to use After Effects for it, but I have just opened it up for the first time and I am pretty lost. I have tried desperately to search online but I am failing pretty bad, so it would be extremely useful if anybody could help me by offering some advice or pointing me towards a tutorial that will help me achieve it.

      The effect I wish to achieve can be seen right at the start of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3oIbO0AWE

      Apologies for the link. It really is the only video I can find that has the effect I want to achieve.