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    Div Background Image...Resize To Fit Browser Window...???

    mark4man Level 1

      [b]hello again[/b]...

      I would like to have a background image (.jpg) automatically resize to fit any browser's window...& I read somewhere on the web it should be accomplished by placing the image in a layer (as a background image); & then set the layer size to 100%.

      can someone please tell me how the coding goes for this...?

      [or...if that [i]is[/i] in fact the correct approach?  I don't care if it's html or css...I just want it to work.  (&...I'm starting off w/ a larger image (so resolution doesn't get lost when going bigger)]

      thanks very much,


      btw - I should add that it's the image's [i]WIDTH[/i] I'm interested in resizing...while it's aspect ration remains in tact.