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    template - not movable - stationery nav

    hope1 Level 1

      Hi there great ones....


      Am making a template, and want the table to not move, so that the bottom nave is always in the same place. Is this possible?


      Thanks so much.


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not quite sure what you mean.  If you build your HTML content logically from top to bottom and use default CSS positioning (which is no positioning at all), your footer navigation will appear at the bottom of your page.


          Now, if you're looking for a Sticky-Footer (always visible on the screen), you'll need some CSS and few Conditional Comments for older browsers.


          CSS Sticky Footer DEMO





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            hope1 Level 1

            Dear Nancy,


            Thank you so much for answering this. What a kind and good person.


            Guess others didn't know what was meant either....lol


            I love what you said. Haven't ventured into the css boxes yet. Have 

            been using tables to build all sites, and css only for links and fonts.


            Yes, footer is at bottom but wanted it to not move from an absolute 

            position from page to page. Thanks for the Sticky footer idea.


            The pages of the website are basically like a slide show: one pic w 

            text and then press 'next', and another page, like that. 'Next' and 

            all links (3) in a row, underneath, as the footer, or navigation.



            It used to be, if one made a template, nothing moved, except the 

            editable things. Now, when building templates, tables and cells will 

            move, even tho not editable.


            Is it true that templates no longer secure a table to a certain height?


            If this is wrong, please enlighten.


            So far have tried different 3 solutions, see what you think?

            1. make sure the table, which the varying texts and pics for each 

            page occupy, is deep enuf so that on any particular pg the table 

            would not change sizes, then any text or pic added to any page 

            wouldn't push the table deeper/down, and then the nav would stay at 

            same position.

            2. build pages with apdivs. so I know that nav will stay 

            staionery....tried blowing up text in browser to get the idea of how 

            it would look to a viewer, and it is ok, as only 2 elements on page: 

            pic and text, besides the nav and copyright below.

            3. Make sure pic is same size on each page, and text is not longer on 

            any page to push the nav down.


            What do you think?


            Thanks again for your time and attention. Very kind of you.