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    "unstarted" video: calling seek Synchronously after play

    david.t.lanton Level 1

      I'm using autoPlay=false, which means the video hasn't loaded yet.


      I'm using a button to test seeking with the following code.

           if (!mediaPlayer.playing) { mediaPlayer.play(); }



      When I start the play, then attemp the seek, it works.

      When I start the play, then pause, then attempt the seek, it also works.

      The problem happens when I haven't played the video at all, then attempt the seek. It executes the first line (the play), but drops the second line (the actual seek).


      Based on my other research, it seems the problem is caused by seek executing asynchornously. It tries to seek first (second line), but can't since video is unloaded (unstarted), then plays (the first line) and defaults to playing from the start.


      Any one knows how to get the seek to happen in this specific order after the play?