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    Anamorphic HD editing


      Well, I've been getting into editing some Anamorphic HD footage, and I'm in need of a bit of assistance. First off, I'm a bit un-farmillier with the pros and cons of working with it. The camcorder used to capture it shoots with a frame size of 1440x1080 at 29.97 FPS, and I find it a bit hard to export the edited footage without big quality loss/video tearing. Call me stupid, but I can't figure out if 1440x1080 translates closer into a widescreen ratio, or 4:3.


      Second, (Bear with me, I am still catching on to some of the more technical aspects video editing.) When I link the footage from Premiere to After Effects, AE likes to cut off the edges if the video, so it would fit a 4:3 player. I can't figure out if this is due to a problem on Premiere's end or AE'.


      Other then that, Just any tip in general would be helpful if you've got some experience or know what your talking about.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For exporting HDV you choose the HD anamorfic 1080 (1.333) aspect setting. For exporting to SD that will be widescreen 16:9.

          For AE set the monitor to Toggle Pixel Aspect Ration Correction, 5th button from the right.

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            Bobbnik Level 1

            I got the first part, but what did you mean by saying "For exporting to SD that will be widescreen 16:9". What will be?


            Thanks for pointing that button out. I was looking in the wrong places for how to correct it.


            I have one other question for now. Say I were to render the video via Adobe Media Encoder. What codecs/settings would it be best to play around with to get the best quality for this type of video? (Aside from AVI)

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              shooternz Level 6

              Encoding is usually done for what delivery end purpose is required...so there is no actual best.


              One can achieve excellent quality in many CODECS and usually the trade off is - file size increases with quality.


              Encoding is a lot of trial and error so have a play with the more usual ones first eg wmv, mpeg, flv, mov, avi

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                Bobbnik Level 1

                I should probably have clarified this to start with. I've been using Premiere for a while, and I know what codecs are and all about the quality. I'm just lacking in knowledge when it comes to this format of video in particular. It confuses me.


                Say I was going for the best resolution could get, with minimal compression, for playback on my computer. I've found that many of the codecs butcher the quality, so I was wondering if anyone had previous experience with encoding this type of footage, and what works best when Setting up their render.


                Thanks anyway though, Shooter.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  For max quality on pc that would be BluRay mpeg or H.264.

                  The extention will be m4v change that to m2ts and you can playback with e.g. Power DVD Ultra.

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                    Alan Craven Level 4

                    1440 x1080 pixels equates to a 4:3 format if the pixels are square.


                    With an anamorphic format like HDV, the pixels are not square but rectangular -the width to height ratio is 4/3 - so the video aspect ratio is 16:9.


                    Conventional HD video has square pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels gives an aspect ratio of 16:9.


                    1440 x 4/3 = 1920.

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                      Someone reading your reply may be confused - the Sony camera is CAPTURING square 1440x1080 pixels, but the

                      software is stretching the width by a factor of 1.33 (4/3) to make the 1440 pixels fit into a 1920 wide picture.


                      I was surfing the posts because I'm having a problem importing an After Effects composition into Premiere, and happened to see this one.

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                        Bobbnik Level 1

                        It seems the Pixel "shape" is always what gets me. It makes alot more since the way you two have it put. Although, the footage strait off of the camera is 1440x1080, and it appears the pixels are at 1.33 by this point. The way you two put it, they should be square until they are stretched into 1920?

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          On capture, use a simple HDV 1080i30 preset. On export use a BR preset for burning to BRD. Forget about all the technicalities. Go ahead and try that. Let us know how you fare.

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                            Davideo2 Level 1

                            Yes- at 1440x1080 they are square, so when you hear that the pixels are at 1.33, that's by the time they get stretched to 1920.  So at 1920 pixels across, the pixels have been stretched to non-square.

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                              Bobbnik Level 1

                              Format: H.264 Blu-Ray

                              Preset: HDTV 1080i 29.97 High Quality


                              Results: Three files, One of which I presume is the audio, as a scan of the video file showed no audio. The third file has an extension of .xmpses.


                              Now, the video won't play in anything I have aside from Windows Media Player. (Also tested to not work in VLC.) And WMP struggles with it, as I expected. Although, the quality of the video looks pretty good, and it fills the whole screen.


                              Davideo - I think I was seeing this backwards. My raw video clips come off the camera in 1440x1080 with the pixels set to 1.333. So, if I understand this right, if the pixels were 1.0, the frame size of the raw video would be exactly 1440x1080. But, with the Pixels set to 1.333, even though the size reads 1440x1080, the video actually appears to 1920x1080?

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                                Davideo2 Level 1

                                even though the size reads 1440x1080, the video actually appears to 1920x1080?


                                Bingo!  That's really what they mean by "1.333" - that the native square pixels are being widened by a factor of 1.33

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                                  Bobbnik Level 1

                                  Now that I've figured it out, it seems too simple. It's like your just taking value off of one thing to add to another.


                                  Ok, now as I was told before, I set my sequence to a regular 1080i30 preset. What would be the difference between using that and the anamorphic 1080i30 preset? It seems that with using the first preset, the anamorphic, stretched pixels would get chopped up to fit the resolution.

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                                    Davideo2 Level 1

                                    You've got me there - I don't have an answer for that one!

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                                      Bobbnik Level 1

                                      Ah.. That's ok. Thanks for everything you did tell me, though. Maybe someone else could help me?

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        You are making things difficult when you can do it easy. You have been making things difficult and confusing for yourself. That is why I said earlier how to attack your issue by using the KISS method. (Keep It Stupidly Simple).


                                        HDV material should be captured in a HDV preset 1080i30 (60i), edited and exported to H.264 or MPEG2 BR. There you can choose 1440 with PAR 1.333 or 1920 with square pixels, I personally prefer the last option.


                                        If you want to discuss this further, go ahead, but this is the best approach.

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                                          Bobbnik Level 1

                                          As per usual, It's Harm to the rescue. : P


                                          Now that I know that, I have the urge to be stubborn and pursue this a tad bit further. I don't think I could confuse myself again after that KISS thing. So I'll go ahead and ask again, and whoever answers can go ahead and be as technical as they please. What happens/what is the difference when you edit and export Anamorphic footage with the 1080i30 (60i) Preset, as opposed to the the anamorphic preset of the same nature? 1440 with a Pixel aspect Ratio of 1.333 or 1920 with square pixels are the same size, but would using square pixels divide up the original 1.333 pixels in a way that would harm quality?

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                                            steve e.p

                                            Hi Shooter, was just admiring your indepth knowledge on the subject so thought I pose a question as I'm in a bit of pickle. I recently submitted a short to Virgin Media Shorts competition but the stream result was blocky and awkward, though I thougt we formated it correctly.


                                            They recommend AVI or MPEG 2 & 4, Codec H.264 or MPEG 2&4, Bitrate over 512Kbps and Aspect Ratio 16.9.


                                            I'm editing on Premier elements 8, what should I have formated and saved it in?


                                            If you've any ideas it would be a great help as I'm really lost on in.

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                                              Mortimer IOU Level 2

                                              You are more likely to get the help you are looking for on the PE forum at http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements