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    Camera had wind reduction, amde sound bad


      So i had wind reduction on while using ym camera with a microphone(external/hand held).


      Thea audio you can barely here. I put on swap channels, and it gets kindve better. Does nayone have a suggestion of what i can do?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Try editing the audio in Soundbooth or Audition to increase the volume and in the future use headphones during the shoot to check your audio.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Obviously, the "wind reduction" process attenuated many of the frequencies, that you wanted, when trying to eliminate the wind.


            Noise Reduction is a bit art, a bit science and a lot of luck. Depending on the frequency range of the "noise," one might be able to eliminate much of it, or maybe not. Frequencies are frequencies, and if the "noise" overlaps frequencies containing your desired audio streams, you are basically hosed.


            Audition has a very good Noise Reduction Filter in Audio Restoration. However, that last sentence above still holds - if the noise frequencies overlap the desired stream, not much can be done. Good mic'ing in the field is the best course of action. If your noise is below, or above, the mid-range (for human speech), you can do a lot to remove it. If it exists in the mid-range, not so much.


            Besides Noise Reduction, Low Pass and High Pass Filters, but some hard work with Graphic Equalizer will often help.


            Now, the above is to "reduce noise." You have already applied similar, and it attenuated your desired frequencies, as well. When you raise the gain on say the voices, you WILL raise the gain for any noise in that frequency range.


            Sorry for the bad news, but good luck,