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    Dynamic Link Error- server busy


      I'm getting this error right out of the gate trying to import PPro into AE.

      I'm using my existing copy of AE, but PPro from my new Production Bundle. Could this cause a problem?

      Do I need to somehow swap my serials for my two versions of AE?

      I've heard rumor there is a tech doc that addresses this somewhere. Can someone point me to it?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You pretty much explained your own problem: Indeed Dynamic Link does not work between separately installed products and only inside suites. There is no tech doc on getting this to work post-facto as far as I know. Might not work, anyway, since DL requires a few additional things to be in place that might simply not be there in your standalone install. Therefore the only way to use this would be to uninstall everything and reinstall the suite in full.



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