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    Who will make me the most beautiful and simplified fla?


      Hi there,


      Can someone provide me with the most beautiful template for this use? I am willing to pay!!

      I will try to explain as briefly as possible what i need, but excuse me if it takes to long....






      I am a cinema-owner from the Netherlands, and looking for a good way to promote the movies on my websites which are shown in my cinema’s.

      Within these websites, i have created a seperate page for each movie (now playing or coming soon).


      Currently, i am using an iframe on these pages to link to the official website of that movie

      (example http://www.cinemagnus.nl/getInfo.asp?id=1000000676&Titel=Avatar%203D ) .

      But often, these official websites have links to other cinema’s,they are too heavy (so slow starting), show content i do not want to show to my customers, or they are to big to be shown nicely within an iframe with anoying borders or loss of content (example http://www.cinemagnus.nl/getinfo.asp?id=1000000744&titel=The%20Princess%20&%20The%20Frog ).

      Therefore i am looking for a simple but beautiful solution to promote each movie in this iframe on my websites.


      I am a proud owner of Adobe Master Collection but i am not a webdesigner and short of time and intelligence to become such a webdesigner.


      What i want is this:

      A template moviepage with customable menu (horizontal-vertical), wich will show the following items:

      Onload of the page: A background (wallpaper) from the movie with a menu containing three items: TRAILER, STORY, IMAGES.

      These items (trailer, story, images) i can upload to a specific url on the web, so an xml will be possible. Nice transitions and effects are welcome!


      I hope you understand what i want/need and i am looking forward to replies.