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    Flash CS3 keeps crashing

    frannydog Level 1

      When I copy and paste an illlustrator file into Flash, it keeps quitting on me. I can't seem to get past the first step. Is there some kind of bug fix i can download. Any ideas? I have a big project to start and I have to get this figured out soon!!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try going thru the "Copy and pasting between Illustrator and Flash" section of the help files to see if there's anything you are missing in the process. You are probably restricted to compatible versions of illustrator files (CS3 or earlier), so you may want to check for that as well.

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            frannydog Level 1

            There is no help section in Flash about copy and pasting art into flash from illustrator. It's pretty basic. You copy the art in illustrator, then open Flash and paste it into the Flash doc. Right?


            I am using CS3 Flash and illustrator so there shouldn't be any incompatibility issues.

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              c0j Level 1

              Hi Franny,


              Try the following:


              1. Reset the configuration folder of Flash CS3 by renaming or deleting the configuration folder found on the following directory


              Windows XP

              C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Local Setting\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\


              Windows Vista/7

              C:\Users\<user>\App Data\Local\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\


              See if that works

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                waterdad568 Level 3

                Try File/"import to library" or "import to stage" then choose the file path from popup import box, rather than copy paste. You can also try saving image as jpeg or png instead of .ai file type and then try importing also.

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                  frannydog Level 1

                  Thanks for your response, but any idea how this would work on a mac? Not sure if windows is the same.

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                    waterdad568 Level 3

                    Have you saved, or saved as, the art in a file type (.ai, .jpg, .png), and tried importing the entire file into flash?

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                      frannydog Level 1

                      i have saved the entire file as an ai file. Because the ai file is the entire artwork for a game, I would have to save each layer separately as a jpg or png which would take hours. As an ai file i can click on each layer and try and bring that into Flash, although that's the part that is not working. Thanks for your help. Any other ideas?

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                        waterdad568 Level 3

                        Unfortunately there is no magic bullet, quick fix, or cavalry coming to your rescue, and as any developer knows, you should do your homework and create a doable plan first, before investing hours of work that may be for nought. However there is hope. You cannot however copy and paste .ai files into Flash as you can other objects.You will have to import your .ai files into Flash using a specific AI Importer, as the documentation attached suggests. They are however saved in Flash as jpegs or png's in some cases anyway, and it also appears there may be some incompatability issues with some items that may be in your .ai files.


                        http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/9.0/UsingFlash/help.html?content=WSd60f23110762d6b883b18f1 0cb1fe1af6-7e9e.html


                        It looks like either way about it, you have your work cut out for you.

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                          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Back to your second post.  I quoted the title of that section because I copied it from the Flash help documents.  If you search on that title in the Fetaures section of the Help files it should be listed in the search results... it does in my version of CS3. It is not as basic as you would like it to be.

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                            frannydog Level 1

                            I have cs3 illustrator and Flash and i have tried to search on both help sections. Nothing seems to come up. I've seen the video that shows how to do it, a simple copy and paste (which doesn't work for me). the only way i can seem to get my ai files into Flash is to take each layer, make a gif or jpg and then "import to stage" in Flash. It 's quite a bit of work to do this but nothing seems to help.


                            The Adobe people told me to throw out my preferences for illustrator library, which i did, reinstall both flash and illustrator and then try again. No luck.


                            I'm not sure why it works on my friends computer and not mine. Do you think there might be a "conflict" somewhere? Is there anything i should run that might fix that?

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                              c0j Level 1

                              Can you provide us with your machine's specs?






                              This information will help us determine what the next steps to trying to resolve your issue.

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                                frannydog Level 1

                                After being on hold for about an hour with Adobe support, then speaking with them, they basically told me to download Flash cs4. I downloaded the trial version and it seems to work now. after two days of trying to figure out the problem, spending $200 for an upgrade seem to be the only answer. Not necessarily the answer i would like but seems this problem baffled everyone.


                                I am on a power mac G5 OX 10.5.8  memory 4GB. If you have any ideas of why this was happening, please send me a note.


                                Thanks all for trying to help me resolve this issue.


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