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    Interactive 3D Flip- CPU usage ~50%


      in the "Interactive 3D Video Flip" tutorial  i take the cod and applied   to my stuff


      I noticed that when the page was rotated the  Flash  player  consume  40-50%  from my CPU , how it's possible?  the animation  it's finish  but the CPU it's 40-50% used . tested in mozilla and IE  and  from Flash ( when i  test the movie)    Pentium 4 and athlon 64 X2  tested!!!.. windows 7  last version of flash player 10.045..


      caurina  class... ^ transmission tween class  the same   ~50%



      i use the cod from this tutorial : http://gotoandlearn.com/play?id=91  with caurina class



      and the transitions.Tween from http://www.onenterflash.com/2009/07/adobe-flash-cs4-tutorial-3d-page-flip.html



      i don't  have any movie or animation  put in page 1 or page 2  ..nothing animate  just an rectangular  and the rotate button :P


      suggestions ?


      i attach the files fla and swf to see   open th .swf  with flash player  and in task manager voila de "surprise" cpu used 50% and the animation do nothing just stay