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    Adobe Reader 9.3 PDF's freeze/hang with IE 8 Browser and Vista:  Solution Provided


      I have been using Internet Explorer 8 well for some time but I am now having repeated difficulty with Adobe Reader 9.3 because PDF's continually freeze or hang up while I am in the browser -- forcing me to close the browser completely.


      Incidentally, Resetting IE 8 to its Default settings did not help to prevent the browser from still freezing while trying to read PDF's.


      The only way I solved this problem is to uninstall Adobe Reader 9.3 completely, Restart the computer, and then install Adobe Reader 8.2.0 .  Now, I have absolutely no difficulty with PDF's freezing or hanging up.  


      Adobe has simply to debug Reader 9.3 in order to make it more compatible with IE 8 and Vista.....