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    FLV white box. Help!



      Unfortunately this is yet another post about getting an FLV to play. Here is the deal...

      I am trying to play a couple of Progressive download FLV files on a website I am working on. They play perfectly when I view the website locally. However, once I upload via FTP there is just a white box where each of the videos should be. Here is the url:




      I have had this problem before and last time this happened it was due to the MIME type. I simply emailed my host (1and1) and told them to add the MIME type for FLV extensions. Done deal, the videos worked after that.


      So, I did the same for this new website (same host) and 1and1 support emailed me back and told me the MIME type was added. I was excited to see how my videos looked and played online, but to my surprise and displeasure, they still do not work.


      To make sure that I had the videos set up correctly, I uploaded them on an old website that had previously had the MIME type for FLV's added, and...they worked! Unfortunately they do not play on the website which they were meant for. See here:




      Why would my videos play on one of my websites, but not the other? I even sent another email to 1and1 support to tell them to double-check that MIME type was added, but still no luck. I am out of ideas and I have a deadline on this website. Not sure what to do...Thank you

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          Well, I'm getting video. Perhaps the person on the phone and the person 'adding' the mime type were not coordinated with each other.



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            wingmann13 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.I didn't type the correct url for the site that is not playing the videos. Sorry about that. Correct url is:




            I am still getting white boxes when I play FLVs through SWFs as progressive download. However, just a SWF by itself will work, but this method is not efficient for my purposes since the SWF files by themselves are way too large and play too slow. I found that compressing and playing videos as FLV referenced to a SWF will knock file size down tremendously and play much better.


            Again, I tested the same exact FLV videos in another site just to see if in fact the problem was with how I set them up to play. This "old site" was one which had a MIME type added about a year ago and the videos work on that site just fine, which gives me some hope. That is the site that you viewed. (http://www.adamclarkart.com) This was just for testing purposes though, and is not the site which I need to play the videos on.


            I have looked at both sites carefully and cannot see any differences in the way the videos are setup to play. I have pestered my service provider with emails asking them to double-check that they added MIME type corrrectly. They just tell me that issue has already been addressed. I think I will have to make a call to them. I have been tormented by this for days...

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              Zabeth69 Level 5

              I don't know. I am not getting video on the corrected URL, and when I put the name of the swf file in by itself in your URL, I am not getting a video AND I am not getting an error message.


              I was going to suggest that your path was awry, but if there's no error message, it seems that something else is going on.


              I'm not highly experienced with FLV; I know when I put in an swf with a bad path, I get an error.


              Is it way too big? How could it be?