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    [CS3-VBA] Is it possible to get VisibleBounds of table

    Beliakov Level 1

      I can get left coordinata of picture in Document:

      mLeft = mParaPic.AllGraphics(1).VisibleBounds(1)


      But how can i get the same parametr from table - leftmost border x-coordinata?



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          Shonkyin Level 3

          Hi Dmitry,


          I have not found any code which can directly access x coordinate of table.


          Below is javascript code. It will give you x coordinate value and give you idea for creating VB code.


          var myDoc = app.activeDocument;

          var old_hori_measu = myDoc.viewPreferences.horizontalMeasurementUnits;

          var old_hori_measu = myDoc.viewPreferences.verticalMeasurementUnits;

          myDoc.viewPreferences.horizontalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.points;

          myDoc.viewPreferences.verticalMeasurementUnits = MeasurementUnits.points;

          var mytable =  myDoc.textFrames[0].tables


          var old_align = app.selection[0].insertionPoints[0].justification

          app.selection[0].insertionPoints[0].justification = Justification.LEFT_ALIGN

          var mytablexoffset = app.selection[0].insertionPoints[0].horizontalOffset - mytable[1].leftBorderStrokeWeight/2 - mytable[1].cells[0].leftInset

          app.selection[0].insertionPoints[0].justification = old_align


          alert (mytablexoffset+"pt")

          myDoc.viewPreferences.horizontalMeasurementUnits = old_hori_measu;

          myDoc.viewPreferences.verticalMeasurementUnits = old_hori_measu;


          Here is many script gurus and maybe someone have good idea for this.



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            Beliakov Level 1

            OK. I  did catch idea. Thanks!