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    Content Sensitive Help

      I am pretty new to RoboHelp my company wants content sensitive help in their website and they have a version of RoboHelp 5 that I can use. Can someone give me a pointer where to start?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          You could do a lot worse than go through the topics in RH Help. Just type in "Context Sensitive Help" in the index.
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            And also talk to your developers. You have to assign map file ID's to every RoboHelp topic you want to be called by a help button, then tell the individual help button what map file ID to call. You assign the map file ID's, the developers program the help buttons.

            Help files with a relatively small number of map file ID's are easier to maintain, but not as helpful to the customer as hep files with a lot of map file ID's that call very specific help topics. However, lots of map files ID's increases the chances of error/difficulties of maintenance.

            You'll need to decide on how much effort you can devote to setting up the context sensitive help in the first place and how much effort you'll need to spend maintaining the CSH when you update the help files. This will determine the number of topics/help buttons that you can have in your context sensitive help.