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    Embed SWF in Firefox & Safari is Tiny

    slaingod Level 1
      I am using some swf files as buttons in flex as follows, and they look fine in Firefox when testing from Flex Builder, and in IE(6&7) when run, but in Firefox & Safari the embedded swf are tiny, 1px high and a few wide when I view them from a web server. I can click them and they work, but I have no idea what is causing them to be so miniscule just in Firefox.

      public var btnMostRecentSWF:Class;
      <mx:Image id="most_recent_btn" source="{btnMostRecentSWF}" width="95" y="20" x="0" useHandCursor="true" buttonMode="true" click="onNavClick('mostrecent')"/>

      Any ideas would be appreciated. I've tried loading with and without SWFObject, getting rid of various attributes, etc. I almost want to say that Flex thinks the buttons are sitting in a stage 800x630 (the app size) or something and is then scaling them down to fit in the space provided.

      Using Flex Builder 3 M2 (tried with 2.01 hotfix as well).