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    How to incorporate a jalbum into a CS4 site

    Jim Mucklin

      My challange. Hope I can get the question right. I have donated my site to a photo charity event. I would like to place a web photo album like Jalbums or whatever I have to use (photoshop, dreamweaver) into one of the two editable places on each html page.

      To give you an idea, there will be many catagories on the left side, I would like the viewer to be able to click on the link on the left side and have the gallery or index page to the gallery appear on the right side in the body, all while maintaining the template of the site with the header, nav bar and footer. Or if there is another way, such as storing the web photo gallery someplace and have them open in the window when the link is clicked. The problem is there will be many catagories, photos, photographers, ect.


      If someone could point me to  a tutorial on the easiest way to accomplish this, I would be so grateful.


      Here's the site to give you an idea.



      The library links are on the left after you click "Motorama 2010"

      White plates

      Yellow plates

      Black plates



      I know there are many ways to do things, but the reading on div tags, Iframes is overwhelming.


      DWcs4, windows, intenet explorer