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    Having a wierd problem (SSI & DIV tags)


      im having a very odd and difficult to explain problem in dreamweaver...but bare with me.

      i created the basic layout for my home page in dreamweaver. the layout consists of a:


      wrapper div
      banner div
      navigation div
      content box div


      now within the content box div will be all the main content for the website....i want all 4 of those DIV tags to appear on every html page for my website.....which they are......but heres my problem.......


      so i SSI all 4 of those divs and i add the SSI code to all my pages...and it works.

      but now i wanna be able to add content inside the content box div...

      how do i do that? the div tags are no longer in the code....all thats in the html code for the pages is the SSI code. so


      how do i add content inside the content box div if all thats in the html code for my pages is the ssi code.???????????


      did i do this backwards? was i supposed to add everything inside the content box 1st and then SSI the parts i wanted?