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    Aceess JavaScript from Flex in different domain

    yu2009 Level 1

      I read the article: Accessing JavaScript functions from Flex (http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=passingarguments_4.html).  The sample: ComplexDataTypeSender.mxml, is wonderful.  But the code works fine only in the same domain (ComplexDataTypeSender.mxml and ComplexDataTypeWrapper.html are in the same folder).  To allow the access to different domain, I added


      in ComplexDataTypeWrapper.html (refer the article: About ExternalInterface API security in Flex).

      My application scenario is that:

      1)  The .html file (like the one: ComplexDataTypeWrapper.html) locates in the folder: \src\.

      2) The .mxml file (like the one: ComplexDataTypeSender.xml) locateds in the folder of \src\myFolder\

      I can't find any sample how to code for it.  If anyone knows, please share your experience.  Thanks.