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    Taking Presenter audio files and bringing them into a ppt file




      I understand how to take a Powerpoint presentation that has been narrated and export that narration to Presenter audio files.


      But I want to do the opposite.


      I want to take a Powerpoint presentation that I recorded audio for via Presenter, but now take those audio files and bring them directly into the PPT file as if I had done a Powerpoint narration.


      I am not sure I just don't know what I am doing or what. In addition, when I look at the Presenter audio files they are assigned odd names (made out of numbers) and I have not figured out how to match these audio files to a specific slide. I am not even sure if I knew how to do this it would help answer my original question.


      So again... how do I take audio recorded with Presenter and make it part of a PPT file?


      Many thanks,